Are Prenatal Massages Safe for My Baby and Me?

Pregnancy Prenatal MassageSafety is key when it comes to pregnancy. Women change many things within their lives; cutting caffeine, watching what they eat, and some even changing toothpaste. However, the most consistently questionable method of self-care is prenatal massage.

While touch may not be a concern, deep touch could be a threat to the fetus and the mother. As a result of the pregnancy, the body has obviously changed, organs are in different locations, and a new occupant requires the utmost safety.

Are prenatal massages good for a mommy-to-be?

The short answer-Yes. Not only does it calm the mother, but it also allows the child to be just as relaxed as both their needs are connected. This also, in turn, gives a better sense and feeling of wellness, better rest, and long-term health for the child and mother. Metabolically, the American Pregnancy Association states it assists with hormone regulation and physically reduces the swelling associated with pregnancy.

However, there are some concessions to consider when selecting a prenatal massage therapist.

Not all massage therapists are alike

Your massage therapist should be experienced in and have a specialized certification for prenatal massage therapy. Both a proven certification and a consultation with your doctor should be assured before making an appointment.

As to timing, any time during the pregnancy is allowed if the proper steps and advisories are followed and readied before hitting the table. However, if you have a high-risk pregnancy or past medical history of injury or surgery, you will want to get approval from your physician.

Many of our patients love prenatal massage! You have the right to relax, not worry and enjoy! If you are considering massage during your pregnancy, make sure to check in with your care provider at Mt. Naomi Women’s Health.

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