5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Dads and Dads-to-Be

Dad birthday party with daughtersHappy Father’s Day to the Wonderful Men in Our Lives

Father’s Day is coming soon, and that means the opportunity to celebrate the special man in your life. For your kids, the ones you already have or the one in your belly, it’s a good time to pay homage to their father. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate this Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered!

1. Send him on a guy’s weekend. 

Encouraging your special man to have some time with his friends, to show him that you appreciate his individuality as well. If you want to, plan a girls weekend for you and the kids. You can do this by planning your weekend with your couple friends, or just the people you care about. The men will have their time and you have yours. Even something as simple as a night out will be enough to make him feel appreciated that his personal time is respected. We all need our time to get away, so let him take his time over Father’s Day weekend.

2. Make him an appointment for a pedicure. 

Self-care is not a female only thing, and getting the special man in your life an appointment for a pedicure might be something he’ll really enjoy. If you want to make it a date, you certainly can! Take your time to research nail salons, but this can be a really fun way to pamper him!

3. Take him on a sporty outting. 

You could go to a race track, go-karting, mini-golf and more! Letting him get in touch with his inner kid is something that can be really magical for you both, and if your kids are old enough, they can join in too! 

4. Take the kids out, and let him have a day alone in the house. 

A day at home can be a magical experience, especially if it’s been a long time. You can take the kids to do something exciting for them, and your man can take the day to enjoy his video games, movies, beers at home and more. When it’s time to come home, bring home his favorite food for an easy dinner!

5. Plan him a special party. 

Get decorations and plates that are in his favorite colors and designs. Make sure he knows you care by showing that you listen. Make his favorite dinners, favorite drinks, and have some games for the kids. You can also invite other dad friends and make it a full social event! 

No matter what you do this year, you can show him how much you care. It’s a special day for him, and you can celebrate with him anyway you can think of. It doesn’t have to just be a fancy dinner and drinks after the kids go to bed. Think outside the box, and you can make Father’s Day super special.

Have any recommendations of fun things to do? Let others know the fun and innovative ways YOU are celebrating this year!

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